The 45th Natl Inst Physiol Sci (NIPS) International Symposium

Co-sponsored by gThe Journal of Physiologyh

 (support from Inoue Foundation for Science)

 (updated on Nov 6, 2014)

Symposium title :

gCutting-edge approaches towards the functioning mechanisms of membrane proteinsh


Date:   Nov 25-28, 2014

Nov 25 (Tue)                   Welcome reception for invited speakers in the evening

Nov 26 (Wed)                 Oral session (start at 9AM)

Nov 27 (Thu)                   Oral session, Poster session and Party

Nov 28 (Fri)                     Oral session (adjourn at around 3 PM)



Okazaki Conference center (of NIPS), Okazaki, Aichi, Japan


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Invited speakers and presentation titles:


Derek Bowie (Canada)

Defining the structural basis of glutamate receptor activation

Toshinori Hoshi (USA)

Calcium-dependent potassium channels, blood pressure and fish oil (pills)

Lily Jan (USA)

Recent studies of potassium channels and calcium-activated chloride channels

Harley Kurata (Canada)

Atomic resolution pharmacology of anti-epileptic drugs

Peter Larsson (USA)

Polyunsaturated fatty acid analogues act anti-arrhythmic on the cardiac IKs channel

Florian Lesage (France)

Excitability tuning by two-P-domain channels:

from from inhibitory potassium-selective channels to excitatory cationic channels

Ruth Murrell-Lagnado (UK)

The Danger sensing P2X7 receptor: Diversity of structure and function

Eitan Reuveny (Israel)

Regulation of cellular calcium homeostasis by SARAF

Shai Silberberg (USA)

What mechanism underlies the apparent dynamic selectivity of P2X receptor channels?

Jamie Vandenberg (Australia)

Getting to the heart of hERG K+ channels: A translational perspective


Yoshinori Fujiyoshi(Nagoya)@

Structural physiology of adhennels

Kazuharu Furutani (Osaka)

Molecular mechanism of partial agonism and a novel role of RGS protein in regulation of the m2 muscarinic receptor-mediated K+ currents

Miyuki Kuno (Osaka)

Proton influx mechanisms in the plasma membrane of osteoclasts

Takashi Kurahashi (Osaka)

Potent inhibition of olfactory transduction channels by natural compounds may degrade the quality of foods and beverages

Junko Kurokawa (Tokyo)

Local control of neurohormonal signaling regulation in cardiac ion channels

Yasuo Mori (Kyoto)

TRP Channels in redox biology

Takayuki Nishizaka (Tokyo)

Mechanics of novel motors revealed under advanced optical microscopes

Osamu Nureki (Tokyo)

Structural basis for molecular mechanisms of channel and transporter

Yasushi Okamura (Osaka)

Gating mechanisms of voltage-gated proton channel

Shigetoshi Oiki (Fukui)

Channel function reconstitution and reanimation:

Single-Channel Strategy in the Post-Crystal Age

Ichio Shimada (Tokyo)

NMR study of membrane proteins

Yoshiro Sohma (Tokyo)

Letfs gSeeh ATP-Dependent Gating of CFTR Channels

Masahiro Sokabe (Nagoya)

Structure-function of bacterial mechanosensitive channels MscL and MscS:

from tension sensing to channel-opening and -inactivation: experimental and modeling approaches

Makoto Tominaga (NIPS)

Functional Interaction between TRP channels and anoctamin1

Koichi Nakajo (NIPS)

KCNE1 facilitates interaction between the S4 and S5 segments and slows the gating in KCNQ1/KCNE1 channel

Yoshihiro Kubo (NIPS)

Signal transmission within the P2X2 trimeric receptor and the voltage dependent structural rearrangements


Chief Organizer

Yoshihiro Kubo (NIPS)@@ Email : ykubo(a)