Date : 12.05.2007

Left hemispheric dominance during auditory processing in noisy environment

Category : Research Topic
 Division of Sensori-Motor Integration,
Department of Integrative Physiology


Okamoto H, Stracke H, Ross B, Kakigi R, Pantev C (2007) Left hemispheric dominance during auditory processing in noisy environment. BMC Biol. 5, 52. (Online Journal)

In daily life, we are exposed to different sound inputs simultaneously. During neural encoding in the auditory pathway, neural activities elicited by these different sounds interact with each other. In the present study, we investigated neural interactions elicited by masker and amplitude-modulated test stimulus in primary and non-primary human auditory cortex during ipsi-lateral and contra-lateral masking by means of magnetoencephalography (MEG). We observed significant decrements of auditory evoked responses and a significant inter-hemispheric difference for the N1m response during both ipsi- and contra-lateral masking. The decrements of auditory evoked neural activities during simultaneous masking can be explained by neural interactions evoked by masker and test stimulus in peripheral and central auditory systems. The inter-hemispheric differences of N1m decrements during ipsi- and contra-lateral masking reflect a basic hemispheric specialization contributing to the processing of complex auditory stimuli like speech signals in noisy environments.