Date : 02.06.2012

42nd NIPS International Symposium
- NIPS and BRI Niigata University Joint Symposium -
“Advanced Research Areas for the Future Breakthrough in Neuroscience”

Category : Information

Date: March 6 (Tue) - 7 (Wed), 2012
Place: Yamate Conference Room, Seminar Room

Special Lectures
James S. Trimmer (UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility)
Yoo-Hun Suh (Seoul Nat'l Univ.)

National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Norihiro Sadato (Section of Brain Function Information, Center for Brain Experiment)
Junichi Nabekura (Section of Multiphoton Neuroimaging, Center for Brain Experiment)
Yasuhiko Minokoshi (Section of Metabolic Physiology, Center for Genetic Analysis of Behavior)
Kazuyoshi Murata (Section of Brain Structure Information, Supportive Center for Brain Research)
Mitsutoshi Seto (Division of Neural Cell Structure, Department of Cell Physiology)

Brain Research Institute Niigata University
Kenji Sakimura (Basic Neuroscience Branch, Department of Cellular Neurobiology)
Akiyoshi Kakita (Department of Digital Medicine, Center for Integrated Human Brain Science)
Ryozo Kuwano (Department of Molecular Genetics, Center for Bioresource-based Researches)
Hironaka Igarashi (Department of Biological Magnetic Resonance, Center for Integrated Human Brain Science)
Takeshi Ikeuchi (Center for Transdisciplinary Research)