Co-operative study by high voltage electron microscopy

NIPS is the unique organization running the high voltage electron microscope(H-1250M)that is only used for medical and biological researches. Worldwide researchers who are working on collaborative research projects use the microscope every year. The accelerating voltage of 1000 kV allows researchers to take a look into a deep area of the cell at higher resolution. Therefore, it is possible to study the conformations and connections of neurons in brain tissues, or rebuild three-dimensional ultrastructure of cellular components using electron tomography. Currently, the microscope is being used in collaborative studies of biological specimens involving 1) three-dimensional analysis, 2) high-resolution observation, and 3) observation in near native conditions. Since the program was started, the majority of users have come from outside of the institute. This emphasizes the role of NIPS as a resource provider. In 2013, 17 projects had been carried out, three of which were from overseas. A digital camera was installed in 2012, which accelerates three-dimensional structural analysis by high-voltage electron tomography.