International Exchanges

Each of the NINS institutes is an internationally recognized research center, and international exchanges are performed flourishingly. NIPS has the positions of foreign research staff (2 visiting professors and 2 visiting research fellows), and many world first-class researchers have made research collaboration using this system. Besides research collaboration, visiting professors contribute to education of young researchers and evaluation of institutional activities. In addition, using the systems such as JSPS postdoctoral fellows, foreign researchers and graduate students conduct research works at NIPS. Recently, an increasing number of foreign graduate students enter SOKENDAI.

One of the main international exchange activities at NIPS is international symposium. It is held once or twice a year Usually, a NIPS professor becomes an organizer, and 10-20 top researchers from abroad and a similar number of top domestic researchers are invited. The number of participants is around 100-150. In 2012, the 43rd NIPS International Symposium was held under the title of “International symposium of face perception and recognition” (Organizer; Prof. Kakigi) with 143 participants. In addition, the international workshop, which is an international version of NIPS research meetings, started in FY2008 and is held once or twice a year.
Besides these, many international collaborations are performed at the researcher level.