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▶Activation of GABAA receptor accelerates multidirectional migration of GABAergic interneurons in cortical marginal zone of immature living mice                    
▶Anatomical connectivity of color-processing modules in the monkey inferior temporal cortex

▶Neural network of action representation

▶Roles of the volume-sensitive anion channel and the V2-type vasopressin receptor in rat AVP neurons

▶Organization of multisynaptic pathways from the inferior temporal cortex to the dorsal premotor cortex in macaques

▶Dendritic domain-selectivity of intracortical excitatory inputs onto layer 2/3 pyramidal neurons

▶Neural Basis for Human Timing Behavior: Neuroimaging Studies of Motor Coordination and Temporal Processing

▶Molecular basis of the TRPM2 sensitization to heat and its involvement in the macrophage function

▶Sleep/wakefulness regulation by controlling the activity of orexin neurons using optogenetics

▶Contribution of neurons in monkey parietal cortex to a visual grouping(論文博士)


▶Developmental change of noradrenergic function in lateral superior olivary nucleus

▶The roles of Bre1, a histone H2B ubiquitin ligase, in the neural precursor cell proliferation and differentiation

▶Identification of palmitoyl substrate-enzyme pairs in neurons through in silico proteomics

▶Neural Selectivity and Representation of Gloss in the Monkey Inferior Temporal Cortex                                                                                                           

▶Brain Agouti-Related Peptide and Sympathetic Nervous System Regulate Tumor Necrosis Factor-α mRNA Expression in White Adipose Tissue                             

▶Mechanisms underlying neurotransmitter switching at inhibitory nerve terminals     


▶Multiple functions of Olig2 transcription factor in neural development and possible mechanism underlying generation of diversity in Olig2 function


▶A novel alternative splicing variant of mouse TRPAI  regulates its  channel activity under inflammatory and neuropathic pain conditions

▶Temporal patterns of training determines distinct kinetics of structural plasticity ,memory formation and decay

▶Quantitative ultrastructural localization of voltage-gated calcium channel subunits in the mouse brain

  • ▶The role of the right cerebellum and the left fusiform gyrus during foreign language vocabulary learning enhanced by the phonological loop: an fMRI study

  • ▶Functional linkage between TRPV4 and calcium-activated chloride channels in choroid plexus epithelial cells.
  • ▶Atypical brain activation in adults with ASD during gestural interaction

  • ▶The neural substrates of warning effect : A functional MRI study 

    ▶Proficiency-dependent cortical activation associated with speech production and comprehension in second language learners
  • ▶Enhancements of the offline improvement in human motor skill

  • ▶Localization of regions activated by surface gloss in macaque visual cortex using fMRI  

    ▶Neural Encoding of Temporal Regularity in the Human Auditory Cortex

    ▶Suppression of AMP kinase activity in skeletal muscle improves metabolic abnormalities of streptozotocin-induced insulin-deficient diabetes mellitus in mice.
  • 2013年度

    ▶Activation-dependent spatial dynamics of postsynaptic glycine receptors

  • ▶Quantitative localization of Cav2.1 ( P/Q type calcium channel) in the rat cerebellum

    ▶Mechanisms underlying Signal Filtering at a Multisynapse Contact

    ▶Involvement of Mlc1 in the white matter development and maintenance

    ▶The synaptic remodeling and its mechanism in ipsilateral S1 cortex in chronic pain model mice

    ▶Glutamatergic and GABAergic Control of Monkey Pallidal Neuronal Activity during Performing A Motor Task

    ▶Effects of luminance contrast on the color selectivity of neurons in the monkey visual cortex

    ▶Microglia contribute to excitatory synapse formation in developing mouse neocortex

    ▶Global profiling of synaptic autoantibodies reveals a mode of action of anti-LGI1 autoantibodies in limbic encephalitis

    ▶Restoration of Volitional Motor Control via an Artificial Neural Connection

    ▶Involvement of lysophosphatidic acid-evoked TRPA1 and TRPV1 activation in peripheral itch sensation in mice

    ▶Keratan sulfate affects sonic hedgehog signaling and regulates mouse spinal cord development

    ▶Optogenetic countering of glial acidosis suppresses glial glutamate release and ischemic brain damage

    ▶Role of Cathepsin C and Cystatin F in demyelinating diseases
  • 2014年度

  • ▶The Chinese herb, Danshen (Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae), induces salivary fluid secretion

    ▶Role of uncoupling protein 1 and muscle AMP-activated protein kinase in diet-induced thermogenesis

    ▶The role of orexin neurons in the regulation of sleep and wakefulness
  • ▶Involvement of TRPV2 in the differentiation of mouse brown adipocytes

  • ▶Spatiotemporal organization of sleep spindles and their cross-frequency coupling in the primate cerebral cortex

    ▶Structural and functional analysis of cytoplasmic region of synapse organizer Neurexin-1 that mediates intracellular signals for synapse formation

  • ▶Control of lower urinary tract functions by parasympathetic preganglionic neurons

  • ▶Clarification of the principle governing axon-selective myelination by oligodendrocytes and regulation of neuronal information processing in the white matter
  • ▶The stoichiometry and function of the Kv4 channel complex vary depending on the relative expression level of each subunit
  • ▶Development of a Novel Quantitative Method for Protein S-Palmitoylation and Exploration of Depalmitoylating Enzymes for PSD-95
  • ▶Analysis of Cell Adhesion Molecules in Synapse Formation and Synaptic Transmission
  • 2015年度

  • ▶Brain networks of affective mentalizing revealed by the tear effect
  • ▶Role of the ventromedial hypothalamic Steroidogenic Factor 1/ Adrenal 4 Binding Protein neurons in the regulation of whole body energy and glucose metabolism in mice.
  • ▶Regulatory role of AMP-activated protein kinase in corticotropin releasing hormone secreting neurons in the paraventricular hypothalamus in social stress-induced alteration of food selection behavior
  • ▶Visual pathways for associative learning in blindsight monkeys
  • ▶Basal ganglia activity in a mouse model of dyskinesia
  • ▶Analysis of TRP channel functions in sensory neurons and microglia
  • ▶The role of Sulfatase1 and Sulfatase2 in the development of oligodendrocyte in the mouse spinal cord
  • ▶Analysis of neuronal responses against disruption of paranodal junction
  • ▶Study of transcranial direct current stimulation toward clinical application
  • ▶Analgesic mechanisms of essential oil components


  • ▶Roles of LewisC-containing N-glycan whose expression is developmentally regulated on cell-cell interaction in the mouse brain
  • ▶Identification of the molecular basis for TRPA1 inhibition utilizing species-specific differences
  • ▶The role of AMP-kinase during myogenesis in C2C12 cells
  • ▶Structural determinants in the C-terminal cytoplasmic region for the slow deactivation of hERG K+ channel
  • ▶Bergmann glia actively participate in the pruning of climbing fiber-Purkinje cell synapses
  • ▶Heat-evoked activation of TRPA1
  • ▶Brain networks of social action-outcome contingency
  • ▶Exploring the factors causing remyelination arrest through studying Cystatin F gene expression regulatory mechanism
  • ▶Establishment of an animal model of unilateral spatial neglect with macaque monkeys : Quantitative behavioral analysis and functional imaging
  • ▶Downregulation of KCC2 accelerates motor functional recovery after axonal injury


  • ▶Motor engram as dynamic change of the cortical network during early sequence learning: an fMRI study
  • ▶Functional role of the mesolimbic system in motor control
  • ▶Development of stereotaxic recording methods for awake marmosets