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NIPS (Seiriken) International Workshop
in Okazaki, Japan

理論と実験の融合による神経回路機能の統合的理解 (3)
"Fresh Perspectives of Computation in Neuronal Systems"



Organizers: Tomoki Fukai (RIKEN BSI), Shigeru Shinomoto (Kyoto Univ)
NIPS contact person: Keiji Imoto (NIPS; tel +81-564-59-5886)

Date, Place

Date: June 2 (Wed) 13:00 ~ June 3 (Thu) 16:30, 2010
Place: Okazaki Conference Center, Okazaki, Japan


To understand the information processing in the brain, it is essential to understand how transmission, processing, and integration of what information are done by the local neural circuits.

Our knowledge of synaptic mechanisms and properties of neurons has been increasing rapidly. But to incorporate elements into the brain as the system, the theoretical investigations including the simulation, nonlinear kinetic, and the information statistics mechanics, become indispensable.

The aim of the international workshop is to trigger and promote communications between researchers in the experimental fields and those in the theoretical fields.

This International workshop is the third meeting. This time, we invite speakers from abroad, and English is used for presentation. Participation of young researchers and including postgraduate students is strongly anticipated.

Program <Speakers and titles>

June 2
13:00-13:20 Keiji Imoto (NIPS)
Opening remarks
13:20-14:20 Masanori Murayama (RIKEN)
"Optical imaging of dendrites in freely moving animals"
=== break ===
14:40-15:40 Kraus M. Stiefel (OIST)
"An inverse approach for elucidating den- dritic function"
15:40-16:40 Ko Matsui (NIPS)
"Presynaptic, postsynaptic, and morphological determinants of signal transmission at a central synapse"
=== break ===
17:00-18:00 Craig Atencio (UCSF/UCB)
"Spectrotemporal processing in the auditory cortical circuit"
=== party ===
June 3
9:00-10:00 Uri Eden (Boston Univ)
"Point process filters in the analysis of neural spiking models"
10:00-10:40 Yasuhiro Tsubo (RIKEN)
"Minimum conditional entropy principle for irregular firing of cortical neurons"
=== break ===
11:00-12:00 Masato Okada (Univ of Tokyo)
"A statistical method for selecting relevant neurons from multiple spike trains"
=== lunch ===
13:10-14:10 Albert Compte (IDIBAPS, Barcelona)
"Oscillations and irregular firing in a multi‐area cortical network model for selective attention"
14:10-14:50 Jun-nosuke Teramae (RIKEN)
"A long-tailed EPSP distribution accounts for the up-state, low-rate asynchronous firings, and precise firing sequences in cortical networks"
=== break ===
15:10-16:10 Alex Reyes (NYU)
"Input-dependent switching of inhibitory con- figurations in neural networks"
16:10- Tomoki Fukai (RIKEN)
Closing remarks


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