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Database for Physiological Experimental Protocols is a summary of experimental protocols and techniques through a variety of physiological research activities. In the current version, the database contains variable information on experimental animal models, microscopic images, experimental protocols, tools, softwares and other experimental techniques. We will expand the database into that including original research results in the future.

By disclosing the technical information through our research activity in NIPS, we hope researchers and technicians to know the current trends in experimental techniques and physiological researches. We also hope that the database opens a fascinating window on how experimental techniques support every single research activity, for public citizens who are interested in scientific researches and experimental techniques as well as for researchers and industrial community. Most of the contents on the database were provided by individual technicians by their voluntary efforts. They described the details of their experimental protocols and techniques as much as possible, so that we hope this database help students and freshmen to learn these techniques more easily. Although we understand there are some insufficient contents, we will enrich the contents in the database as much as we can.


If you have any other questions on experimental techniques, please contact us by email below. We will answer you as much as possible.
DATABASE EMAIL: tec_db@nips.ac.jp


If you are interested in our technical reports and original articles, please visit the following site that contains archives of the Institute for Physiological Sciences and Engineering Division Report.
Annual Report of the Technical Division of NIPS:http://www.nips.ac.jp/tech/ipr/pre/tec_report/tecreport.html (Japanese only)

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The creation of the database was financially supported by the MEXT, Japan