Masataka Murakami

Research Activities

Using isolated, vascularly perfused, salivary glands, Masataka MURAKAMI started his research career in Osaka Medical College (Prof Yusuke Imai) to measure heat production, oxygen consumption and bicarbonate production during stimulation of fluid secretion. In 1979, with Prof Watari and Dr Seo, he succeeded to measure kinetics of ATP, creatine phosphate and inorganic phosphate during secretion by isolated perfused salivary gland by use of phosphorus NMR spectroscopy for the first time in the world. Then he and his group started to measure other nuclides in the cytoplasma such as Na, K, Li and Cl in the salivary gland by NMR spectroscopy. The experiments were expanded to observation/analysis of dynamic behavior of cytosolic Na and K. On the other hand, Murakami compared the oxygen consumption and Na/K mass balance during/after fluid secretion, and succeeded to separate K flux by Na/K ATPase at the organ level and estimated the contribution of cotransporter for K uptake. During recent 10 years, he analysed a filter function of paracellular route with Dr Hill (Cambridge) and could estimate a size of molecular filter through paracellular route during stimulation of salivary sectetion. With Dr Segawa (Kitasato U), he measured transcellular fluid secretion under confocal microscope using dye dilution method and could estimate the contribution of paracellular fluid could be at least more than 60% of total fluid secretion. With Dr Riva (Cagliari, Italy) and Dr Hashimoto (Tokyo Dental C), he continues to persue the morphological basis of junctional complex control by use of High Resolution SEM and TEM observation on the replica obtained by freeze fructure/deep etching of rapid frozen specimen by liquid He. Recent collaboration on search for the chinese herb has started with a group of Nanjin Medical University (China).
 分子生理学、水電解質輸送、蛋白分泌、分泌のエネルギー代謝、傍細胞輸送. 血管灌流唾液腺を材料に水電解質を分泌する際の熱産生、酸素費、二酸化炭素産生 の測定解析から研究を開始、生理研亘名誉教授、京都府立医大瀬尾講師とともに 1979血管灌流顎下腺のP-31 NMR測定によりATPクレアチン燐酸の動態を外分泌腺で初 めて解析、さらにNa, K, Li, ClなどのNMR測定も実施し細胞内電解質の動的挙動を解 析した。一方灌流唾液腺のNa Kの出納と酸素消費を測定し、KのNa/K ATPaseにより輸 送される部分を臓器レベルで分離、共輸送体によるK取込み量を推定した。最近 Cambridge大Hill博士と共同で傍細胞輸送の分子フィルター機能を解析、北里大故瀬 川博士と共焦点レーザー顕微鏡で経細胞経路での水分泌のみを分離し傍細胞経路を通過する水を推定した。またCagliari大Riva教授と高分解走査電子顕微鏡により細胞間分泌細管の形態変化を細胞質側より立体観察した。

Educational Background:

  1970-1976 Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Kyoto, Japan

Professional Experience:

  1976-1985 Research Associate, Department of Physiology, Osaka Medical College, Japan

1983-1984 Research Affiliate, Department of Physiology, The University of Sydney

1985-present Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Physiology, National Institute for

Physiological Sciences (NIPS), Okazaki, Japan. (2004, Natural Institutes of Natural Sciences

(NINS) was established. Five National Institutes, including NIPS, were integrated and

reorganized into NINS)

1988-present Associate Professor, Department of Physiological Sciences, School of Life

Sciences,The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Okazaki, Japan


  1970 岡山県立玉野高等学校普通科卒
  1970-1976 京都府立医科大学医学部医学科
  1976-1985 大阪医科大学 生理学教室助手
  1985-2003 生理学研究所 超微小形態生理研究部門 助教授
  1988- 現在 総合研究大学院大学生命科学研究科 助教授(併任)
  2003-現在 生理学研究所統合バイオサイエンスセンターナノ形態生理研究部門 准教授


   Physiological Society of Japan

   Japan Society of Magnetic Resonance of Medicine

   The Biophysical Society of Japan

   Japan Salivary Gland Society

   Japanese Association for Oral Biology

  1976- 日本生理学会会員(1982- 評議員)
  1976- 日本生物物理学会会員
  1986- 日本磁気共鳴医学会会員(1992- 評議員)
  1999- 歯科基礎医学会会員
  1999- 日本唾液腺学会会員


  1976 Bachelor of Medicine, Kyoto Prefectural University

  1976 National Board Examination for M.D. (No. 230088)

  1981 Ph.D.(“Igaku Hakase”, literal translation is Doctor of Medicine) from Osaka Medical College   (No. 273), for thesis entitled: “Measurement of heat production of dog submandibular gland”

  1981   医学博士(大阪医科大学)
  1983-1984 シドニー大学客員研究員
  1988- 磁気共鳴画像解析装置共同実験の所内対応を勤める。

   1985以来、いくつかの外分泌ことに唾液腺に関する国際シンポジウムを組織した。現在、来年2月テキサス ガルベストンで開催の唾液腺と外分泌に関するゴードンカンファレンスをNIH のDr Matthew Hoffmanとともに準備している。最近のシンポジウムとゴードンカンファレンスの詳細は以下よりリンクできる。

Gordon Research Conference 2011

ISES2009 Tokushima

Stensen Symposium 2006

Gordon Research Conference 2011

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