The workshop was succesfully held with 12 talks, 40 posters and more than 200 participants. Thank you very much.


September 19 (Saturday)
at Okazaki Conference Center Room A

12:00- Opening Remark
Naotsugu Tsuchiya (California Institute for Technology, USA)
1. Christof Koch (California Institute for Technology, USA)
"On the Relationship between the Consciousness and Attention"
2. Melanie Wilke (California Institute for Technology, USA, National Institute for Mental Health, USA)
"Thalamo-cortical interactions underlying spatial awareness and decision making"
13:50- Coffee break
3. Olivia Carter (University of Melbourne, Australia)
"How do neurotransmitters help decide what we see?"
4. Ryota Kanai (University College London, UK)
"Neurostructural correlates of individual difference in the switch rate of perceptual rivalry"
15:50- Coffee break
5. Takamitsu Yamamoto (Nihon University School of Medicine, Japan)
"Cerebrospinal stimulations therapy for the treatment of vegetative state and minimally conscious state"
6. Ralph Adolphs (California Institute for Technology, USA)
"The Amygdala's Role in Consciousness of Emotions"
Poster session and Banquett
at Okazaki Conference Center Room B

September 20 (Sunday)
at Okazaki Conference Center Room A

7. Naotsugu Tsuchiya (California Institute for Technology, USA)
"Neuronal activity in area MT during perceptual stabilization of ambiguous structure-from-motion"
8. Shin'ya Nishida (NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Japan)
"Psychophysical approach to the measurement of perceptual latency"
10:40- Coffee break
9. Hakwan Lau (Columbia University, USA)
"The dynamic threshold hypothesis for sensory awareness"
10. Masatoshi Yoshida (National Instite for Physiological Sciences, Japan)
"What-it-is-like of monkey with blindsight"
13:00- Lunch
11. John-Dylan Haynes (Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany)
"Decoding consciousness"
12. Ned Block (New York University, USA)
"Three Theories of Consciousness"
Closing Remark + Poster Award Announcement
Masatoshi Yoshida (National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Japan)

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