[What's new]

Nov 18: The [workshop survey results] is available now.

Nov 11: The [workshop survey] was closed.

Nov 5: The deadline for [workshop survey] is extended to Nov 11.

Oct 21: The page for [workshop survey] is open.

Oct 19: The NIPS international symposium was completed with seven speakers, seven chairs and 58 participants in total. Thank you very much for your attendance.

Oct 13: Registration is open till Oct 18 but your name card will not be available at the reception desk.

Oct 13: Program (final version) is uploaded.

Oct 11: Reservation for Mishima Lodge is closed.

Oct 9: The preliminary program is updated.

Oct 7: Changes in program. Talk by Angela Yu is cancelled. Talk by Akio Tanaka is added. Preliminary program is updated.

Oct 3: The preliminary program is updated.

Oct 1: Change in schedule - The symposium starts 1:30pm on Oct 18. The registration fee is 0 yen.

Aug 30: The preliminary program is available for download.

Aug 29: Registration is open. Go to Registration.

Aug 29: The tentative program was added.

July 10: Registration will be open around the end of August.

July 10: The web site for the workshop is open.


  • Date: From Oct 18, 1:30pm to Oct 19, 1pm
  • Venue: Okazaki Conference Center
  • Fee: Free
  • Vanquett fee: 1,000 JPY for graduate student and 3,000 JPY for others
  • Organizers: Yutaka Komura (AIST, Tsukuba), Tadashi Isa (NIPS, Okazaki) and Masatoshi Yoshida (NIPS, Okazaki)
  • Contact: Masatoshi Yoshida (myoshi@nips.ac.jp)

[Appointed speakers]

  • Bahador Bahrami (UCL, UK)
  • Kazuhiro Goto (Sagami Women's University, Japan)
  • Ryota Kanai (University of Sussex, UK)
  • Yutaka Komura (AIST, Japan)
  • Masaaki Ogawa (NIPS, Japan)
  • Marc Sommer (Duke University, USA)
  • Angela J. Yu (UCSD, USA)


  • Akio Tanaka (Kyoto Univ)
  • Kosuke Takahashi (Univ Tokyo)
  • Kenji Matsumoto (Tamagawa Univ)
  • Kazuyuki Samejima (Tamagawa Univ)
  • Kosuke Sawa (Sensyu Univ)
  • Haruo Hosoya (Riken BSI, PRESTO)
  • Ryota Kanai (University of Sussex, UK)