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SOKENDAI Students(NIPS) and Research Themes

Admission year Name Research Themes
2013 NISHIHARA Yoko Integration of somatosensory afferent signals for generation of muscle activity during voluntary arm movement
2014 YAMAMOTO Mariko Experience-dependent development in visual cortex
October, 2014 YOSHIMOTO Takaaki Study on neural correlates of 'understanding' in psychiatry
ANDRIANI, T. Rizki Structure-function relationship of membrane proteins
WONGMASSANG, Woranan to study the mechanism of movement disorder in subhuman primate by using electrophysiological technique.
2015 KARAKI Tomomitsu Functional analysis of neuronal circuits in visual cortex
HARUWAKA Koichiro Role of microglia in modification of neural activity
MURANO Tomoyuki Analysis of model mouse for psychotic disorders
October, 2015 MIYAZAKI Yuri Elucidation of the synaptic transmission mechanism mediated by LGI1-ADAM22
YAMANOI Yu Study for TRP channels in pain and itch
LI Tianbang Characterizing the physiological property of the transient receptor potential channel of mosquito.
2016 TSUNODA Jun Single particle analysis of Enterococcus hirae V-ATPase by cryo-electron microscopy
Im Sanghun Interareal projection patterns of pyramidal cell subtypes
ODA Sayaka Molecular mechanism underlying maintenance of cardiovascular homeostasis by exercise
October, 2016 FENG, Xiaona Study on the physiological functions of TRP channels
POLYAKOVA, Zlata Functions of the basal ganglia
April, 2017 ARAI Keiyo Neural basis of social interactions
UEKI Akihiko The mechanism of neuronal circuit remodeling during development
SHIMODA Kakeru Study on the regulating mechanism of cardiovascular homeostasis by purinergic P2Y6 receptor
October, 2017 NGUYEN, Hong Dung Thi Molecular Mechanisms for Thermosensation and Nociception
April, 2018 HIRAZAWA Ki-chi Relationship between structural dynamics and function of ion channels and receptors by fluorescent unnatural amino acid
MARUYAMA Shuki Clarification of mechanisms underlying the functional shift of brain neural circuitry in motor sequence learning using 7T MRI
Wu Jiahao Research about neuronal connections changes in visual cortex with perceptual learning
NANJO Yoshinori The study of neural substrates of decision-making in human
:fMRI study
LIU, Chang The cap structure of K2P channels -- molecular determinants for its formation, and functional roles in the gating and ion permeation

※ as of May, 2018

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