Course Syllabus

Our students may currently enroll in 2 types of courses - Presentation or English Communication. In addition, students are able to talk one-on-one with the teacher during weekly Office Hours. This time can be spent talking about textbook questions, practicing presentations, etc.. Office hours are by appointment only.

This course is open to students with intermediate or higher English ability (TOEIC 600~). The presentation course is a two semester program based on “The NIG Method” developed at the National Institute of Genetics. It focuses on correcting common problems found in student presentations and how students present their ideas -- students will learn how to present introductions/conclusions, create a logical storyline, ask better questions, and “sell” themselves and their research to their peers. Students will develop these skills through class activities and in-class presentations. Because of this, the course requires a much greater time commitment than the communication course, so only very serious students should apply.

Information about “The NIG Method” textbook can be found here.

In the English Communication course, students have an opportunity to learn and practice skills in English. Five levels of classes separated by ability allow the students to get the most out of their experience. The course offers many opportunities for speaking, whether directly with the teacher or in pair and group activities. We emphasize real-world English that students will encounter when they meet native speakers. Idioms, grammar, and vocabulary are also taught.

The current textbook series we are using is English Unlimited.