Welcome to Nabekura lab -Division of Homeostatic Development-

We are interested in mechanisms of neuronal circuit remodeling during development and after injury



  • Apr.
    Dr. Jin joined us as a postdoctral fellow.  
  • 2020

  • May
    Dr. Nabekura received Toshihiko Tokizane Memorial Award for Excellent Graduate Study in Neuroscience.
  • Apr.
    Dr. Eto has started his new position at Kitasato University.
  • Mar.
    Dr. Nakamura's paper has been selected to be BEST MANUSCRIPT in 2019 of Journal of Physiological Sciences.
  • Feb.
    Dr. Horiuchi's paper about brain pH measurement using a novel ion-image sensor was published in Nature Communications.
    Dr.Sato received the Young Investigator Award of the 22th Annual meeting of Japanese Histamine Research Society.
  • Jan.
    Dr. Haruwaka received the Excellent Poster Award of the 10th Takeda Science Foundation Symposium on PharmaSciences.
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