Japan-U.S. Science and Technology Cooperation Program has been implemented since 1979 under the treaty concluded between the governments of two countries, of which "Brain Research" Division was commenced in the year 2000. National Institute for Physiological Sciences from Japanese side and National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), a sub-organ of NIH, from the U.S. support the cooperative projects of researchers of both countries as the responsible agency. The expenses necessary for the projects are borne respectively by each country, in principle, and most of the subsidies provided by Japan Society for the Promotion Science are used for travel expenses and living expenses of the researchers dispatched to the United States.

  In this division, funds will be provided to support brain-related researches in the following fields: 1) Cellular/Molecular, 2) Development/Plasticity/Repair, 3) Behavioral Systems/ Cognitive, and 4) Neurobiology of Disease. The activities are classified into 1) Researchers dispatched to the US, 2) Group joint study project, 3) Information exchange seminars, and 4) Training Course Dispatch to the U.S. Every year, we invite the plans of projects from the researchers throughout the nation, and the applications are examined and adopted by Research Plan Committee (Table 1). The recruitment is made by publicly announcing through the home page and academic journals. We hope the researchers in both countries will take advantage of this opportunity and contribute to the advancement of brain research.


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Subjects of research SADATO, Norihiro
Chairman of Research Plan Committee,
National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Tel:0564-55-7841 e-mail:sadato#nips.ac.jp
Clerical procedures International Relations and Research Cooperation Division
Okazaki Administration Office
Tel:0564-55-7137 e-mail:japan-us-brcp#orion.ac.jp
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(Table 1) Research Plan Committee of Japan -U.S. Brain Research Cooperation Program

Representative of the Japan- U.S. Brain Research Cooperation Program:
Junichi NABEKURA (National Institute for Physiological Sciences)

Post Name Belong
  Masahisa KATSUNO Nagoya University
  Yasushi OKAMURA Osaka University
  Tetsuya SUHARA National Institute for Quantum and Radiological Sciences and Technology
  Michisuke YUZAKI Keio University
  Madoka MATSUMOTO National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry
  Ayako WATABE The JIKEI University School of Medicine
Chairperson Norihiro SADATO National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Co-Chair Masaki ISODA National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Co-Chair Masaki FUKATA National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Co-Chair Hiroaki WAKE National Institute for Physiological Sciences
  Yumiko YOSHIMURA National Institute for Physiological Sciences


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