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Takemura Lab Seminar: Sophia Vinci-Booher (Vanderbilt University, USA)

Date & Time

Jan 24th (Tue), 2023, 10AM-11AM (Japan Standard Time)


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Sophia Vinci-Booher
Vanderbilt University, USA

Title & Abstract

Title: Action and perception in human learning


Early childhood experiences form a critical bedrock from which future learning is accomplished, yet we lack a comprehensive explanation of how these early experiences scaffold future learning and affect long-term educational outcomes. My research is uncovering the mechanisms through which experience affects future learning by investigating how experiences that integrate action and perception are processed and recorded in the brain during learning and development. In this talk, I will provide an account of the neural mechanisms by which production tasks, such as handwriting and drawing, facilitate the learning of foundational literacy skills in early childhood and develop into important tools for learning throughout adolescence and adulthood. The account highlights the short and long-term relationships among production tasks, brain function and structure, and emerging literacy skills and opens new avenues of research concerning the impact of early childhood experiences on individual differences in learning and the progression and mitigation of developmental disorders.