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Join the Lab

Join the Lab

We are looking for new members!

We are looking for new members, who are enthusiastic for studying human brains. Takemura lab is supporting to foster a diverse lab climate. For this reason, we primarily use English as a primary language in the lab, for welcoming members from a diverse background.

While programming and English communication skills are important, the most important points to be a new lab member is whether you are enthusiastic to share the common research goal with faculty and other lab members. We are looking forward to interacting with any candidates who are interested in joining Takemura Lab.

Job information


Please check "Job Information" regarding available postdoc positions.

For Japanese citizens, we can also host postdoc candidates who are applying the Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) Postdoctoral Fellowship (SPD/PD/RPD). For non-Japanese citizen candidates, we can also host applications for JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research in Japan. If you were interested in applying these fellowships by assigning Takemura lab as the host, please contact with Professor Takemura sufficiently earlier than the submission deadline.

Graduate Students

Professor Takemura can host graduate student via Ph.D course of SOKENDAI, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies. To join the PhD course, you have to apply for general admissions of SOKENDAI, which are held twice per year. For details, please check Schedules of Entrance Examination.

National Institute for Physiological Sciences and SOKENDAI has various scholarship and research assistant system to financially support graduate students. For details, please check PhD Course Scholarship.

Takemura Lab can also accept graduate students of other universities to stay and work on research in the lab as collaborative researchers.

If you need further information, please check "Graduate Students Q & A" and send an email to Professor Takemura (htakemur [at]; replace [at] to at sign).

Undergraduate Students

Takemura Lab hosts undergraduate students as an internship student. For detailes, please check institutional website of NIPS Internship.

If you were interested in joining Takemura Lab activity as an undergraduate student in other ways, please send a direct message to Professor Takemura.