40th NIPS International Symposium -
  International Joint Symposium : PAT-CVR 2009
To All Presenters (Lecture, symposium, poster presentation)
Abstract should be submitted within one page including Title, Authors, Affiliation, Main Text of Abstract including Figure(s) if any. (See example)
Please prepare the manuscript in Times (or Times New Roman)/Symbol and 12 point(font size).
If out prefer to other font or size, please contact to the office.
Please submit Abstract both in Word file and PDF file to the office (patcvr@nips.ac.jp).

To Poster presenters
Layout for Poster Presentation

Please prepare suitable size posters for 85 cm (2'9") wide and 120 cm (3'11") high poster boards. Prior to the start of your session, post your materials on the board and leave them in place for the full session.

NOTE: Number sheets (10 cm wide and 15 cm high) will be attatched on the left top corner of each poster. The number sheets and thumb tacks will be provided in the area.

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