● November 28th 11:30 〜 12:00, 18:30 〜 20:30
No. Name Poster Title
1 Marcus Siems The spatial structure of phase- and amplitude coupling in the human brain CIN
2 Tetsuo Kida Selectivity of tactile attention: an MEG study NIPS
3 Hamidreza Ramezanpour Towards the neural underpinnings of geometrical gaze following CIN
4 Hiromi Sano Cortico-striatal neurons induced responses in the basal ganglia NIPS
5 Dwi Wahyu Indriani Mechanism of L-dopa induced dyskiensia: electrophysiological study using a mouse model NIPS
6 Hamidreza Ramezanpour Using electrical microstimulation to manipulate gaze following and face perception CIN
7 Masatoshi Yoshida Microsaccades in blindsight monkeys NIPS
8 Sho Sugawara Individual digit representations in primary somatosensory cortex: 7T-fMRI study NIPS
9 Masaki Fukunaga Resting State fMRI Analysis of Anesthetized Monkey Brain NIPS
10 Thomas Pomberger Precise motor control enables adaptive plasticity in vocal behavior of marmoset monkeys CIN
11 Daisuke Koketsu Functional mapping of Marmoset frontal cortex NIPS
12 Nobuhiko Hatanaka Flavoprotein fluorescence imaging of motor cortical areas in a macaque monkey NIPS
13 Ziad Hafed On the impact of visual transients on smooth pursuit eye movements and catch-up saccades CIN
14 Taku Hasegawa The chemogenetic suppression of the primate subthalamic nucleus induces abnormal involuntary movements NIPS
15 Zlata Polyakova Cortical control of monkey subthalamic nucleus NIPS
16 Martin Giese Neural model for the multi-stability of body motion perception CIN
17 Woranan Wongmassang Correlated Activity in Globus Pallidus Neurons of A Macaque Monkey During Hand Reaching Movements NIPS
18 Shubhodeep Chakrabarti Cortical control of sensory gating in the rodent whisker system CIN

Poster Size 900mm x 1200mm
生理研・生体システム部門 2017