Invitation to the symposium in Okazaki 本文へジャンプ

Message from Organizer

In the last 20 years, brain science has made great advance. It can now deal with higher cognitive brain functions, such as decision-making processes,
social interactions, consciousness, as well as neurological and psychiatric disorders. Such advancements have been achieved not only by brain science in a narrow sense,
but also in combination with computational neuroscience, psychology, imaging studies and clinical neuroscience. They will certainly have great impacts on the society, as well.
The time is ripe to review recent achievements in brain science and analyze their impacts on the society.
We have planned a three-day symposium. The following three topics will be discussed.

1. Brain science to understand social events (Social brain)
2. Recent achievements in brain science
3. Impact of brain science on the society

Organizer Atsushi Nambu

41st NIPS International Symposium