Invitation to the symposium in Okazaki 本文へジャンプ
New Frontiers in Brain Sciences:
Towards Systematic Understandings of Human Brain
Tentative schedule

December 15 (Wed) 

  18:00 Welcome party (mainly for foreign speakers)

December 16 (Thu) 

  10:00 Registration

  11:00      Opening remarks: Prof Naoyuki Takahata (President of Sokendai)
            Opening remarks: Prof Kazuhiro Ikenaka (Vice-Director-General of NIPS)
            Welcoming address: Atsushi Nambu (Symposium Organizer)

11:15-15:15 Social and Cognitive Brain
          Chaired by Norihiro Sadato and Shigeru Kitazawa

  11:15 Tetsuya Iidaka (Nagoya, Japan)
     Cross-cultural imaging study of social and emotional brain

  11:45 Molly J. Crockett (Cambridge, UK)
     Serotonin and prosocial behaviour: neural and psychological mechanisms

  12:15 Saori C. Tanaka (Osaka, Japan)
     The sign effect of delay discounting

  12:45 Lunch

  13:45 Shigeru Kitazawa (Tokyo, Japan)
     Quantitative evaluation of gaze and cognition in autism

  14:15 Masami K. Yamaguchi (Tokyo, Japan)
     Infants' brain activity in face perception

  14:45 Hidehiko Takahashi (Kyoto, Japan)
     Molecular Imaging of emotional decision making

  15:15 Break

15:30-17:10 Brain Circuitry −Basal Ganglia and Related Structure−
          Chaired by Masahiko Takada and Atsushi Nambu

  15:30 Peter L. Strick (Pittsburgh, USA)with some introduction
     The basal ganglia and cerebellum are interconnected

  16:10 Fumino Fujiyama (Kyoto, Japan)
     Re-evaluation of network in the basal ganglia with new morphological approach

  16:40 Eiji Hoshi (Tokyo, Japan)
     Structural and functional relationships between the basal ganglia and
     the dorsal premotor cortex in voluntary motor control

  17:20 Poster session

  19:00 Party

December 17 (Fri) 

9:00-12:25 Functions of the Brain −Basal Ganglia Functions−
          Chaired by Tadashi Isa and Thomas Wichmann

  9:00 Charles J. Wilson (San Antonio, USA)with some introduction
     Active Decorrelation Mechanisms in the Globus Pallidus

  9:40 Tomoki Fukai (Tokyo, Japan)
     Motor information coding in the microcircuit of the rat primary motor cortex

  10:10 Kazuto Kobayashi (Fukushima, Japan)
     Neural mechanism of basal ganglia circuit that controls acquisition
     and performance of learning

  10:40 Break

  10:55 Minoru Kimura (Tokyo, Japan)
     Neuronal correlates of action valuation and selection in the basal ganglia

  11:25 Thomas Boraud (Bordeaux, France)
     Emerging properties of the cortex-basal ganglia loop.

  11:55 Kaoru Takakusaki (Asahikawa, Japan)
     Subcortical mechanisms of controlling postural muscle tone in cats

  12:25 Lunch

13:30-17:25 Disorders of the Brain
          Chaired by Kaoru Takakusaki and Thomas Boraud

  13:30 Jose A. Obeso (Pamplona, Spain) with some introduction
     Basal Ganglia Pathophysiology- Facts and Pending Issues to understand
     Movement Disorders

  14:10 Pullanipally Shashidharan (New York, USA)
     Altered neuronal activity in basal ganglia of an animal model of dystonia

  14:40 Atsushi Nambu (Okazaki, Japan)
     Cortico-Basal Ganglia Loop and Movement Disorders

  15:10 Thomas Wichmann (Atlanta, USA)
     Effects of high-frequency stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus in normal and
     parkinsonian monkeys

  15:40 Break

  15:55 Masahiko Takada (Inuyama, Japan)
     Gene delivery to primate brain with recombinant viral vectors:
     Development of novel models for brain research

  16:25 Tadashi Isa (Okazaki, Japan)
     Reorganization of cortical and subcortical networks during the functional recovery
     after the spinal cord injury in macaque monkeys

  16:55 Nicholas G. Hatsopoulos (Chicago, USA)
     Exploiting vision and proprioception to augment a cortically-controlled
     brain machine interface

  17:25 Short tour of NIPS and NIBB

  19:00 Conference dinner (for speakers)

December 18 (Sat) 

9:00-12:00 Neuroethics
          Chaired by Osamu Sakura and Tatsuya Mima

  9:00 Patricia S. Churchland (San Diego, USA)
     How the Mind Makes Morals

  9:40 Yukihiro Nobuhara (Tokyo, Japan)
     Some problems with understanding the mind from the brain

  10:10 Tatsuya Mima (Kyoto, Japan)
     “Japanese brain” and its Metaphors after the Asia-Pacific War:
     A Neuro-studies Approach

  10:40 Break

  10:55 Mitsuo Kawato (Kyoto, Japan)
     Four Principles of Neuroethics for Brain Machine Interface

  11:25 Osamu Sakura (Tokyo, Japan)
     Neuroscience in society: pure, pop, pseudo, and party-talk sciences

  11:55 Concluding remarks

  12:00 End

13:00- Excursion around Okazaki (for foreign speakers)