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    Division of Neural Signaling  Department of Information Physiology

  Our main interest lies in elucidation of the mechanism of transduction and integration of neural information in the nervous system. More specifically, we are trying to understand the basic properties of neural information processing between neurons or among a group of neurons constituting a local network. We are also interested in the pathophysiological mechanism how a single gene mutation leads to a symptom (such as ataxia, epilepsy and learning and memory deficits), particularly in Ca2+ channel mutant and Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase IIα mutant mice. Additionally, we have recently started to make a computational approach, incorporating computer-based neurons into brain slice measurements (dynamic clamp), together with computational simulation of network functions.






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2.7.2013  Yamagata's paper was accepted to Brain Research. [Publication list 2013]
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Prof. Karl Peter Giese (Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, UK) was invited to NIPS for a planned collaborative research project, "Biological functions of fluctuations" and gave a talk at an open lab seminar.
 2.16~3.2.2012  Anthony Edward Pickering (University of Bristol)had experimented at this lab.
 1.9~1.30.2012  Louise Hickey(University of Bristol)had experimented at this lab.
 8.29〜9.8.2011  Ms. Munmun Pervin (Bangladesh Agricultural Univ., Bangladesh) participated in the NIPS Internship 2011 to learn about Learning and Memory tests in genetically engineered mice.
3.17.2011 [Northeast Japan 9.0 M earthquake]
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