Call for General Abstracts


The announcement in this page applies only to submitting general poster abstracts. If you are listed as a speaker in Plenary lectures, Special lectures, ISPC Symposiums, LOC Symposiums or General ymposiums, a specialized URL will be noticed shortly by the congress secretariat directly to you by E-mail.
Please ask your session organizer or congress secretariat for details.

Abstract Submission Deadline: October 9th, 2018
Think now of submitting a poster abstract to be a part of this exciting first-in-Japan FAOPS Meeting!

Via : The congress website In case of trouble, please contact the Secretariat of FAOPS 2019. (Email)
Period: General submission will be closed on Oct 9th, 2018 (12:00 noon, JST).
Presentation style: Poster presentation for general abstract.
Please select “New Submission of Papers” button when you access the abstract submission online page.

Notes for attention

Please access to the online registration system through the button at the bottom of this page below and enter your abstract.

(1) Abstract format

Number limitation of presentation Each author can submit / present only one abstract as a presenting author, except for luncheon seminar and technical workshop.
If one becomes a presenting author on two abstracts, one of the abstracts must be withdrawn.
Title of the presentation Less than 100 characters in single-byte, including spaces.
Text of the abstract Less than 1,500 characters in single-byte.
Structure of the abstract The abstract should clearly and specifically describe the intent of the presentation in the order of purpose, methods, results, and conclusions.
Table and graphic Including a table or graphic is not allowed.
The presenting author The presenting author must be listed as the first author in the list, and she/he will be receiving all correspondences regarding the abstract.
First (presenting) author should make presentation at the poster session.

(2) Abstract topics

Please refer to the below.

Abstract topics (PDF)

(3) Ethical policies and principles

Abstract should meet the ethical policies and principles. Particular attentions should be paid for the use of animals and human subjects. Please state in your presentation that the research has been reviewed and approved by the ethics committee located at the respective research institution.
For the care and use of animals, please refer to the Physiological Society of Japan research ethics site.
【The Physiological Society of Japan research ethics site】

For the research using humans, please refer to declaration of Helsinki site.
【Declaration of Helsinki site】

The committees of research ethics and program will check all the submitted abstracts, and any abstracts which do not suit to the FAOPS2019 policy might be rejected.

(4) Disclosure of conflicts of interest (COI)

Disclosure of any possible conflicts of interest (COI) of each author is required.
Please make sure to disclose COI information in your presentation. Authors who disclose COI will be listed in the congress website.
“SAMPLE of COI presentation format” is shown below.

The committees of research ethics and program will check all the submitted abstracts, and any abstracts which do not suit to the FAOPS2019 policy might be rejected.

Download the COI Presentation Format (PPT)

(5) Modification of the abstract

Please note your login ID and password behind as the abstract can be corrected as many times as you wish until October 9th, 2018 (12:00 noon, JST).

(6) Results of selection

Results of selection will be informed via email to the presenting author.
Regular sessions of poster presentations are scheduled on March 29th and 30th, 2019.
Request on choice of date will not be accepted.

If the abstract is accepted, presenting author must register for congress by Oct. 31st (12:00 noon, JST)
If presenting author does not register by Oct. 31st (12:00 noon, JST), abstract may be rejected.

(7) Travel award “Young Scientist Travel Awards”

Those who wish to apply for the Travel Award (Young Scientist Travel Awards) should clearly indicate your request upon the submission of the abstract.
Please note that additional forms are required to apply (see Travel Award Instruction) at the same time.
The Travel Grant committee will select awardees and the results will be informed by Oct. 25th, 2018.

(8) Contact

In case we find any problems (e.g. incomplete, duplicated) in the submitted abstract, FAOPS2019 office will contact the presenting author by email, with the request of prompt clarification.

▼▼▼Abstract submission▼▼▼ Please access to the following website address to complete your abstract submission. The abstract should be submitted before ct 9th, 2018 (12:00 noon, JST).