Date / Venue

DateOct 26 (Wed) - Oct 28 (Fri) 2016
Venue Okazaki Conference Center, NIPS, Okazaki, Aichi, Japan (Map
Registration Registration (only for domestic participants) [closed (当日参加可能です。)]
Scientific Program click here (updated 10.6.2016)

Special Lectures

David S Bredt (Johnson & Johnson, USA)
Daniel Choquet (Bordeaux, France)
Masanobu Kano (Tokyo)

Invited Speakers

A. Radu Aricescu (Oxford, UK) Haruhiko Bito (Tokyo)
Don B Arnold (USC, USA) Kazuo Emoto (Tokyo)
David S Bredt (Johnson & Johnson, USA) Shuya Fukai (Tokyo)
Daniel Choquet (Bordeaux, France) Masanobu Kano (Tokyo)
Akihiko S Kato (Eli Lilly, USA) Naoki Matsuo (Osaka)
Matthew J Kennedy (Colorado, USA) Junichi Nakai (Saitama)
Eunjoon Kim (KAIST, Korea) Shigeo Okabe (Tokyo)
Katherine W Roche (NIH, USA) Toshihisa Ohtsuka (Yamanashi)
Keiko Tanaka-Yamamoto (KIST, Korea) Katsuhiko Tabuchi (Shinshu)
Masahiko Watanabe (Hokkaido)
Michisuke Yuzaki (Keio)
Hideji Murakoshi (NIPS)
Yumiko Yoshimura (NIPS)
Masaki Fukata (NIPS)

Poster Presentation

1) Elevator Pitches (2 min/1 slide) of data from posters by student, postdoctoral fellow, and young faculty presenters will take place (Oct 26; on the same platform of the symposium). Take advantage of this opportunity for introducing your research in a concise statement to invited speakers and all participants before the poster session (Oct 27).

2) Poster boards are 90 cm in width X 120 cm in height. Please display your poster from the first day (after 3:00 PM) to facilitate free time discussion.

Chief Organizer

Chief Organizer Masaki Fukata(NIPS, Membrane Physiology)
Telephone number0564-59-5873
Email address

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