2023.01.07 ARCHIVEMENT
The Role of the Left Inferior Frontal Gyrus in Introspection during Verbal Communication
2022.12.21 ARCHIVEMENT
Neuroscience is ready for neuroethics engagement.
2022.11.05 ARCHIVEMENT
Neural underpinning of Japanese particle processing in non-native speakers.
2022.07.23 ARCHIVEMENT
The way forward for neuroethics in Japan: A review of five topics surrounding present challenges.
2022.07.20 EVENT
JHBI TS/10th( Aug. 23, 2022 [3:00pm])
2022.05.25 ARCHIVEMENT
Cerebro-cerebellar interactions in non-human primates examined by optogenetic functional magnetic resonance imaging.
2022.04.27 ARCHIVEMENT
The dorsal premotor cortex encodes the step-by-step planning processes for goal-directed motor behavior in humans.
2022.04.07 ARCHIVEMENT
Neural correlates with individual differences in temporal prediction during auditory-motor synchronization
2022.03.16 ARCHIVEMENT
Context-prosody interaction in sarcasm comprehension: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study.
2022.03.07 EVENT
JHBI TS/9th( Apr. 20, 2022 [2:00pm])
2022.02.23 ARCHIVEMENT
Coexistence of sensory qualities and value representations in human orbitofrontal cortex.
2022.01.19 EVENT
JHBI TS/8th( Mar. 31, 2022 [3:20pm])
2022.01.17 ARCHIVEMENT
The Neural Correlates of Semantic and Grammatical Encoding During Sentence Production in a Second Language: Evidence From an fMRI Study Using Structur...
2022.01.11 ARCHIVEMENT
Neural substrates of accurate perception of time duration: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study.
2022.01.06 ARCHIVEMENT
Layer-specific activation in human primary somatosensory cortex during tactile temporal prediction error processing.
2021.12.15 EVENT
JHBI TS/7th( Jan. 14, 2022 [10:00am])
2021.11.26 ARCHIVEMENT
Distillation of Regional Activity RevealsHidden Content of Neural Information inVisual Processing.
2021.11.15 ARCHIVEMENT
Left parietal involvement in motion sickness susceptibility revealed by multimodal MRI.
2021.09.17 ARCHIVEMENT
Cognitive control affects motor learning through local variations in GABA within the primary motor cortex.

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