2021.06.17 ARCHIVEMENT
The extrastriate body area is involved in reciprocal imitation of hand gestures, vocalizations, and facial expressions: a univariate and multivariate ...
2021.06.16 EVENT
6th JHBI Talk Series
2021.05.25 ARCHIVEMENT
Brain/MINDS beyond human brain MRI project: A protocol for multi-level harmonization across brain disorders throughout the lifespan.
2021.05.20 EVENT
JHBI TS/5th( June 16th, 2021 [9:30am])
2021.05.06 ARCHIVEMENT
Recommendations for responsible development and application of neurotechnologies.
2021.04.27 ARCHIVEMENT
Enhanced structural connectivity within the motor loop in professional boxers prior to a match.
2021.04.15 EVENT
JHBI TS/4th( May 26th, 2021 [10:00am])
2021.03.25 ARCHIVEMENT
Neural substrates for sharing intention in action during face-to-face imitation.
2021.03.24 EVENT
JHBI TS/3rd( Apr. 15th, 2021 [4:00pm])
2021.03.22 ARCHIVEMENT
1q21.1 distal copy number variants are associated with cerebral and cognitive alterations in humans. Translational Psychiatry,
2021.03.09 ARCHIVEMENT
Effects of copy number variations on brain structure and risk for psychiatric illness: Large‐scale studies from the ENIGMA working groups on CNVs.
2021.02.19 EVENT
JHBI TS/2nd( Mar. 24th, 2021 [10:00am])
2021.01.15 EVENT
JHBI TS/1st( Feb. 18th, 2021 [4:00pm])
2020.11.24 ARCHIVEMENT
Is human brain activity during driving operations modulated by the viscoelastic characteristics of a steering wheel?: an fMRI study.
2020.10.21 ARCHIVEMENT
The neural network underpinning social feedback contingent upon one's action: An fMRI study
2020.09.24 ARCHIVEMENT
Frequency-specific task modulation of human brain functional networks: A fast fMRI study

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