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Schedules of Entrance Examination

Types of examination

  1. Examination for "Japanese students" as well as "privately-financed foreign students". (Examination will be held in English for foreign students.)
  2. Examination for "privately-international foreign students".

Schedules of the examination

Type (1) examination: It will be held twice a year.

  • [1st time] (for the entrance of  2018/Oct or 2019/Apr)
    • Application : Jun 29-Jul 5, 2018
    • Examination : Aug 21-22, 2018
  • [2nd time] (for the entrance of 2019/Apr)
    • Application : Nov 30-Dec 6, 2018
    • Examination :Jan 15-16, 2019

Type (2) examination:

  • [2nd time] (for the entrance of 2019/Oct, for privately-international foreign students)
    • Application :not determined
    • Examination : Jan 15-16, 2019

Important notice

Please make sure to contact your potential supervisor about the detail of the entrance examination, especially if you have any concerns about your eligibility. Candidates may be supported by Sokendai for travel and staying expenses in Okazaki.

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