Who is Stensen ? ステンセンってだれ?
What is Stensen Symposium ? ステンセンシンポってなに?
Topics  of the Symposium
Delegate   of the Symposium 招待講演者と組織委員会
Sponsors   for the Symposium 後援
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How to Join us 参加方法
Presentation 発表方法
First Circular
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Presentations and Network at the Okazaki Conference Center.

1) Oral presentation:

Liquid crystal projector is available. Then PowerPoint presentation is possible. Your own laptop computer will perform most reliable reproduction of the slide show. But if you could not bring the lap-top computer. We will prepare the suitable one if you let me know when you will submit abstract.

The organizing committee would like to ask 1) the overseas invited speaker: talk for less than 40 min and 10 min for discussion , 2) other speakers: talk for less than 15 min and 5 min for discussion . If you feel too short or too long, please let me know. On the final construction of program, we will compromise the lengths according to your suggestion.

2) Poster presentation:

One board is available for each one poster. The basic board size is (height x width = 120cm x 90 cm) where 16 sheets of A4 sized papers can be pinned up. In addition the vertically longer boards with the same width are also available (20 sheets of A4 sized papers can be pinned up). If you need the latter, please let me know when you will submit abstract. All posters can be pinned up but magnet is not available.

3) You can use network (wired or wireless) at the Okazaki Concerence Center, if you previously applied and updated the security-check software and the antivirus files. Please let me know know when you will submit abstract.

Abstracts, CD-ROM and Publication of selected papers.

1) The organizing committee asks the participants to send an pre-symposium abstract for each presentation, by the deadline, 3rd October 2016,  by e-mail to masataka@nips.ac.jp

A. Format for the abstract:

The sheet size is A4 one page, which has to include;

1) the title (Bold), authors’ names and institutions at the top,

2) text without/with figure or table if the figure/table were essential for abstract,

3) References. 

The following 12 pointed fonts are recommended; Times New Roman, Times, Symbol and similar font-styles. Layout: 30 mm should be open from Top and Bottom margin. 30 mm width space also should be left open from left and right margin.

B. The organizing committee wishes to publish the bundle of expanded abstracts (each longer than A4 size 4 pages (format for each page is the same as a pre-symposium abstract) including figures and color panels. The short movies will be allowed.) in form of CD-ROM, after the symposium. The committee will make 500 copies of the CD to circulate principal laboratories in the field of salivary gland.

The deadline for this expanded abstract is 10th December 2016

If the authors did not want to publish an expanded abstract, the organizing committee will put the pre-symposium abstract in the place of expanded abstract. Because such a CD-ROM will be very useful as references to develop a future work in this field, the committee ask the participants to share the time to prepare the expanded abstract.