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主催: 自然科学研究機構生理学研究所

2016/11/30(水) 会議1日目、12/1(木) 会議2日目・市民公開狂言鑑賞、12/2(金) 会議3日目

会場: 自然科学研究機構岡崎カンファレンスセンター(名鉄東岡崎下車)

連絡先: 第4回ニールスステンセン記念国際唾液腺シンポジウム組織委員会
自然科学研究機構生理学研究所ナノ形態生理 村上政隆
〒444-8787 岡崎市明大寺町東山5-1, TEL 0564-59-5268, FAX 0564-59-5269
e-mail stensen@nips.ac.jp, (masataka@nips.ac.jp)

発表申込登録締切:2016/10/3(e-mail to masataka@nips.ac.jp
要旨締切:2016/10/3(e-mail to masataka@nips.ac.jp

The 4th International Symposium on Salivary Glands in Honor of Niels Stensen
The SEIRIKEN International Workshop Program
"Main Theme: Strategic Development on Salivary Secretion Research for General Physiology"
Sponsored by National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS) in National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS).
JSPS Kakenhi (Japan Society of Promotion of Science)

Dates: 2016/12/1 (Thu) Kyogen for Okazaki Citizen
2016/11/30 (Wed) -12/2 (Fri) Okazaki, 12/3 (Tue) Japan Salivary Gland Society Meeting in Tokyo

Place: Okazaki Conference Center of National Institutes of Natural Sciences
10 min walk from Higashi-Okazaki Stn. http://www.orion.ac.jp/occ/

Contact: Organizing Committee of the 3rd Stensen Symposium
Masataka Murakami, Nano-Structure Physiology
National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS)
Myoudaiji, Okazaki 444-8787, Japan
Tel (81)(0)564-59-5268
Fax (81)(0)564-59-5269
e-mail: stensen@nips.ac.jp, (masataka@nips.ac.jp)

Deadline for application of presentation: 2016/10/3(e-mail to masataka@nips.ac.jp
Deadline for Abstract for presentation: 2016/10/3(e-mail to masataka@nips.ac.jp

Download of pdf files for detailed information: below