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ニールス ステンセン って誰?


Who is Niels Stensen ?

He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1638. At the age of 18, he started his medical studies under the guidance of Thomas Bartholin, famous anatomist and founder of the first European medical journal. Due to the war with Sweden, he moved to Amsterdam in 1660. At that time the fluid in the oral cavity has been believed as an excrete from the brain tissue. Stensen studied on the heads of cattles intensively and found the duct was open in the oral cavity and connected with the gland which now known as salivary gland. This is the first recognition of salivary gland by human beings. The duct of parotid gland was named as Stensen's duct. Thereafter he moved around European Univeersities including Leiden, Paris, Florence etc, and worked in various fields of natural sciences such as crystaloogy. His attitute and charity impressed many people in Universities and Royal courts, including Medici. 1676 he was appointed as titular Bishop by the Pope Innocent XI in Rome and went Protestant countries in Europe. He abandoned scientific research to devote himself to pastral work. After his death (1686) his body was moved and placed at the chapel in St Lorenzo, Florence. The his portrait above was drawn during his research period by unknown painter, belongs to the Uffizi Gallary, Florence. The illustration of bovine head shows a protid gland and its duct, which was published by Leiden University (1661).