All Release : 2009
03.31.2010 A push makes neuron longer
TRPV2 receptor feels mechanical membrane-stretch in developing neurons
03.30.2010 Metabolic adaptation of mice in a cool environment
03.01.2010 FAST (Flexible Accelerated STOP TetO-knockin): a versatile and efficient new gene modulating system
01.04.2010 Functional and structural identification of amino acid residues of the P2X2 receptor channel critical for the voltage- and [ATP]-dependent gating.
12.21.2009 Invitation to NIPS<Now closed> [ URLURL ]
12.14.2009 Excitation of locus coeruleus noradrenergic neurons by thyrotropin-releasing hormone
12.02.2009 Pleasant dietary habits are necessary for health
11.19.2009 Relationship between neural responses and visual grouping in the monkey parietal cortex
11.19.2009 Color Selectivity of Neurons in the Posterior Inferior Temporal Cortex of the Macaque Monkey
11.10.2009 Input-Specific Intrasynaptic Arrangements of Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors and Their Impact on Postsynaptic Responses
10.20.2009 "NIPS Young Scientist Award" for graduate school students [ URLURL ]
10.08.2009 ATP is a key to feel warm temperature
Another role of the energy source
09.30.2009 Role of the ventromedial hypothalamus in leptin-induced glucose uptake in peripheral tissues
08.31.2009 Cortical Inhibitory Cell Types Differentially Form Intralaminar and Interlaminar Subnetworks with Excitatory Neurons.
08.17.2009 DIP/WISH-Deficient Mice Reveal Dia- and N-WASP-interacting Protein (DIP/WISH) As a Regulator of Cytoskeletal Dynamics in Embryonic Fibroblasts
08.12.2009 Mouse brain rewires its neural circuits to recuperate from damaged neural function after stroke
08.05.2009 Bladder cells feel stretch -- Molecular mechanism of sensing fullness of urine
07.14.2009 Dynamic molecular mechanism to keep brain activity stable
06.30.2009 Task-dependent modulation of primary afferent depolarization in cervical spinal cord of monkeys performing an instructed delay task
06.29.2009 Directional organization of sensorimotor oscillatory activity related to the electromyogram in the monkey
06.19.2009 Generation of a severe memory-deficit mutant mouse by exclusively eliminating the kinase activity of CaMKIIα
06.11.2009 Important factors for the three-dimensional reconstruction of neuronal structures from serial ultrathin sections
06.05.2009 Visual motion direction is represented in population-level neural response as measured by magnetoencephalography
04.01.2009 How does microglia examine damaged synapses?