All Release : 2011
02.29.2012 A TRP that makes our cells feel hyper
The mechanism involved in the detection of hyperosmolarity by TRP channels is clarified, with a newly discovered molecule preventing apoptosis.
02.06.2012 42nd NIPS International Symposium
- NIPS and BRI Niigata University Joint Symposium -
“Advanced Research Areas for the Future Breakthrough in Neuroscience”
01.24.2012 Role of the interaction between ABCF2 and ACTN4 in cell volume regulation
12.15.2011 Invitation to NIPS: NIPS Internship 2012 (approximately 2 weeks)<now closed> [ URLURL ]
11.08.2011 Reorganization of corticospinal neuronal distribution in rats with neonatal hemidecortication
11.04.2011 KCNE proteins utilize different domains of KCNQ1 channel for gating modulation
11.01.2011 Abnormal oscillation in the brain basal ganglia causes motor deficits in Parkinson's disease
09.29.2011 Neural linkage between motivation and motor functional recovery through rehabilitative training
09.14.2011 Conserved properties of dendritic trees in four cortical interneuron subtypes
09.13.2011 A 3-D reconstructed image of neural dendritic trees using the advanced electron microscope technology
The mechanism which adjusts how to receive a signal in coordination with dendritic morphology has been revealed
08.23.2011 ‘Ca2+ nanodomain’-mediated mechanism of volume-sensitive outwardly rectifying (VSOR) anion channel activation in mouse astrocytes
07.20.2011 Inducing non-REM sleep in mice by novel optogenetical control technique
The optogenetical engineering technology controls the activity of orexin neurons of the brain
06.09.2011 Non-invasive cortical stimulation enhances lower limb function in chronic stroke patients
04.18.2011 Development of novel non-radioisotopic assay for 2-deoxyglucose (2DG) uptake
04.12.2011 Rapid synaptic remodeling in the adult somatosensory cortex following peripheral nerve injury and its association with neuropathic pain
04.11.2011 Structural basis for the role of inhibition in facilitating adult brain plasticity [ URLURL ]
04.08.2011 Evolution of the animal temperature sensor: The functional adaptation to environmental change
Functional change (modal shift) of the TRP channel through evolution