JGP Poster Award

FAOPS2019 and The Journal of General Physiology (JGP) best poster award on molecular and cellular physiology

FAOPS2019 program committee and The Journal of General Physiology (JGP) will present best poster award to the authors who presented distinguished posters on their original works on mechanistic and quantitative molecular and cellular physiology of the highest quality. The first presenting author in FAOPS2019 should be a student, postdoc or early career researcher. We will select up to four awardees. Winners will receive $100, certificate of JGP award and one year free subscription to The Journal of General Physiology. Awardees will be granted at closing ceremony on March 31st, 2018. Any question concerning the JGP best poster award will be submitted to: jgp-faops2019@convention.co.jp

Yasushi Okamura, M.D., Ph.D.
Chair of the Program Committees
FAOPS 2019 Kobe


Four awardees were selected and granted at the closing ceremony.
Awardees are as follows:

Natsuki Mizutani (Japan), The comparison of sensitivity between NaPi-IIa and NaPi-IIb activity to phosphoinositides

Shuya Ishii (Japan), Microscopic heat pulses induce activation of cardiac thin filaments in the in vitro motility assay

Takayuki Furuta (Japan), Src kinase regulates the presynaptic transmitter release in avian cochler nucleus

Yani Liu (China), Characterization of a novel and potent neuronal Kv7/M opener SCR2682 for anti-epilepsy


Research can be in any field of general physiology but it must contain mechanistic insight with quantitative analysis. Examples of a scope of the applicants’ research will be: 1. membrane protein physiology, 2. protein structure and dynamics, 3. lipid and membrane biophysics, 4.cell mechanics and contractile systems, 5. intracellular and intercellular signaling, 6. Molecular engineering/ development of molecular tools or methodology for studying cellular or organ physiological functions, but not limited to them. Studies with in silico approach (such as molecular dynamics simulation) are also eligible if research topic is either of above categories.

When applicants submit an abstract for regular session in the submission webpage, they must select either category of I. Locomotion, III. Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems, V. Neurobiology & Neuroscience, VI. Epithelial transport, Secretion & Absorption, VII. Molecular and Cellular Biology, as a presenting author [these categories appear in registration of abstract on the web site].

In addition, applicants must:
1. register for FAOPS2019 through the website before the deadline.
2. be an undergraduate, master or doctoral student, postdoctoral/research fellow, or early career researcher. In case of postdoctoral/research fellow or early career researcher, an applicant who has obtained doctoral degree after April 1st, 2014 is eligible.
3. e-mail a complete set of required materials (see below) to the Selection Committee.
4. be present at the poster during the core time of presentation (only for the selected nominees (see Selection Criteria)).


The following application package should email to jgp-faops2019@convention.co.jp no later than January 31st, 2019.

Application package:
1. an application form (Form JGPA1) including name, contact address, affiliation, contact email address (which can be accessed during the FAOPS2019 meeting).
2. a copy of the submitted abstract with the abstract tracking number
3. curriculum vitae (CV) (attached with publication list if an applicant has any publications)
4. a letter of recommendation from a supervisor (in case of a student or postdoc) or a department head (in case of an early career investigator) on official letterhead with his/her signature.

Download an application form (From JGPA1)

Selection Criteria

Selection will be done based on the aims and scope of JGP (http://jgp.rupress.org/about). Applications will be first reviewed by the FAOPS2019 and JGP Award Selection Committee. Approximately ten applicants will be nominated for the award by the selection committee. The result of the nominations will be informed by email to all the applicants until mid-March. The nominees must be present at the poster during the core time of presentation. Committee members will evaluate each nominee and nominated poster on site and select the recipient.

Evaluation criteria are:
1. Quality of the abstract.
2. Quality of the poster
3. Quality of the poster presentation.

Notification of Awards

update 2019/02/26

FAOPS2019 and The Journal of General Physiology (JGP) best poster award on molecular and cellular physiology

The award winners (up to four) will be announced on the board near reception site in the afternoon of 30th March, and also via email address provided in the application form. The awardees will be invited to the congress dinner for free of charge. The award will be granted at the closing ceremony. The awardees will be asked to present the awarded poster again on 31st March. The list of recipients will be posted in the FAOPS2019 home page later.

The winner will be awarded (1) certificate of the JGP poster award issued from JGP office, (2) one year free access to JGP volumes on the website, (3) prize money (Japanese yen) corresponding to approximately $100, and (4) invitation to the congress dinner. (1) and (3) will be handed at the closing ceremony.

Photo of the awardees will be taken at FAOPS2019 (at the congress dinner). Awardees should understand that this will be used by the JGP office through social media.