Social Events

March 28th, 2019
Opening Ceremony
Place : Kobe International Conference Center 1F Main Hall
Chair : Hiroaki Wake and Harbindar Jeet Singh
19:00-20:30 Welcome Reception
Place : Kobe International Exhibition Hall 1F Exhibition Hall
Chair : Noriyuki Koibuchi and Hiroaki Wake
During opening ceremony, a special session to cerebrate 30th year anniversary of FAOPS will be performed. Following the plenary talk by Professor Linda Back, welcome reception will be held. In the reception, welcome drink and snack will be offered free of charge. Music performance by Kids Orchestra and Jikei Jazz Band will provide you unforgettable moment. No admission fee is required.
March 30th, 2019
Congress Dinner
Place : "Kairaku" B1 Floor at Portopia Hotel
Chair : Akiko Arata, Hiroaki Wake, Noriyuki Koibuchi
Congress Dinner is a great opportunity to dine and interact with friends and colleagues from around the world in a relaxed atmosphere, by enjoying the Japanese Culture. Buffet style dinner and drinks will be provided. Separate admission fee is required. Register today!
March 31st, 2019
Closing Ceremony
Place : Main Hall, Kobe International Conference Center
Chair : Mariko Omatsu-Kanbe, Yumiko Yoshimura

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update 2019/03/20

File Download : Congress Dinner Program (PDF)

update 2019/03/20

File Download : Closing Ceremony Program (PDF)