Tutorial for physiologists

Practical Approaches to Protein Structural Information

In this tutorial, the audiences will learn how to process structure files using the softwares:
Pymol, Ligplot + and SWISS-MODEL (web-based).
Main analyses are following;
<Making homology model>
<Structural alignment>
<Investigating protein-ligand integration>

A Carry-on of your laptop computer is recommended.
Please also bring a mouse.

<Install> Two softwares
Pymol 2.2: https://pymol.org/2/#page-top
Ligplot + : https://www.ebi.ac.uk/thornton-srv/software/LigPlus/
(requiring java plug-in; https://www.java.com/download/)
** The older version should be OK.

For smooth progress of lecture, please Download following pdf and zip files.