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Subject Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain (Chapter 5,6,7)
Professor or Lecturer Fukata Masaki
Date & Time 2017/05/10(Wed) 10:00〜11:30
Place NIPS (Myodaiji) 1F, Lecture room
Chapter 5 Synaptic Transmission
Chapter 6 Neurotransmitter Systems
Chapter 7 The Structure of the Nervous System
 Text: Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain (4th ed.) Bear, Connors & Paradiso.
 Read the textbook before coming to class.
Remote lecuture
 NIPS (Yamate) , building 2 West, 2F Seminar room
 NIG 2F Library Seminar room
 Hayama Library 3F 2ndTV Conference room
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