Joint Researches

Joint Researches Outline

 The National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS), an inter-university research institute, carries out general collaborative research, planned collaborative research that focuses on the most critical theme, and cooperative research using large facilities.
As the following table shows, many collaborative studies are conducted each year and have produced promising results. In 2024, the institute plans to carry out 137 general and planned collaborative projects and 35 cooperative studies by functional imaging.
Another of the principal pillars of corporative studies at NIPS is the NIPS research meeting. Unlike normal academic meetings, here, most of these meetings include oral presentations, giving plenty of time for Q&A. The small number of participants also allows detailed discussions to take place. Eighteen meetings are planned for this year. The number of NIPS research meetings greatly outnumbers those hosted by the other two research institutes in Okazaki, and in fact, they have become a highly important base organization. In the past, the meetings have helped establish new scientific research-funded study groups, and have even established activities such as academic conferences. The NIPS International Workshop has been running since 2008. Research meetings are inviting overseas researchers, who present their work in English, have shown positive potential for the future of science. In 2024, one International Workshop is scheduled.

Large facilities and equipments

collabo_machines.jpg○Magnetic Resonance Imaging System
○Phase Contrast Cryo-electron Microscope
○Serial Block-Face Scanning Electron Microscope (SBF-SEM)
○Mutiphoton excitation microscopy
○Analytical equipment for in vivo neuronal, metabolic and physiological parameters in mice

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