Student assistance services

During one's life as a graduate student many issues regarding research, daily life, family, friends, and future prospects may come up. At these times, rather than trying to handle all these things alone, please don't hesitate to contact us.
A secret which affects the consultation contents is observed. And you won't suffer a disadvantage because of that.

Contact to Professors

Mikio FURUSE furuse"at"
Yumiko YOSHIMURA yumikoy"at"
Kenta Kobayashi      kobaya"at"
Saeka TOMATSU tomatsu"at"

* "at" →@

Counseling Service for International Students

-Student only-

Counseling Service for International Students


《Staff only》

Mental health consultation in SOKENDAI

SOKENDAI provides the mental health consultation. For more details, visit following URL.

If you have a harassment problem…

If you feel you are being victimized, do not keep the problem to yourself. Do not hesitate to consult one of our in-house or external consultants. Talking to a consultant about your problem will never put you at a disadvantage. Your privacy will be protected.

Health Consultation with Industrial Physician

Health consultations by industrial physicians are offered to members of the 3 Okazaki Institutes in order to help maintain and promote health relating to the mind and body.
If concerned about your or your family's health, please feel free to use this service and relieve your daily burden.

Mental Health, Health Consultation

The National Institutes of Natural Sciences has a contract with the Tokyo Counseling Center to offer employee mental health counseling services and family heath consultations.
These services are used as follows.