Sokendai Curriculums

Subjects and Credits

Outlines of Courses Provided in the Department of Physiological Sciences

[ Note 1 ]
To obtain credits, course registration must be done at the Graduate Student Affairs Section.
For yearlong courses and first semester courses (from April to September), course registration should be submitted within the prescribed period in April, and for the other courses, in October or when opening.

[ Note 2 ]
Commissioner for Educational Research is appointed to Professor Yumiko Yoshimura(Vice Chairperson for School of Life Sciences, Dept. Physiological Sciences)and Professor Yumiko Yoshimura takes charge of  Education Curriculum.

★Department’s Special Subjects
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★Common Specialized Subjects   
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★Specialized courses of Physiological Sciences:2022
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★ Special lectures of Physiological Sciences:2022
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★Integrative Brain Science Course 2022
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★Interdepartmental Program