PR Activities

Publicity of National Institute for Physiological Sciences

You can watch various activities at NIPS dot channel.(Japanese only)

Public Relations Activities

All kinds of Public Relations activities are developed to send our latest effort as quickly as possible.  To introduce our findings to the general public is one of our important missions.     

NIPS Open Campus Festival(Next is 2023 !)

open2020_small.jpgWe release the contents of our researches and laboratories every third years. Many kinds of lectures about cutting-edge researches and more than 20 laboratories are opened to the public.

This year, we will deliver it online.

 Educational  Volunteer Project on Saturday 

This project is supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology in Japan(MEXT). MEXT officialy announced that all students are able to take various special lessons on Saturday. We participate in this project  from November 2015 and  go to  Elementary, Junior high and High Schools to talk about the topics of Neuroscience.

Super Science High Schools: SSH


  This project is managed by Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST).The purpose of this project is promoting upper secondary education to foster exellent human resourses in science and technology.  We sympathize with their phylosophy and participate in this project.

Brain Century Promotion Conference

 Brain Century Promotion Conference is worldwide campaign to  educate the significant outcome and importance of Neuroscience  We join this campaign as Japanese delegate institute.  


Super Science School(SSS)

To support compulsory education children in Okazaki City, the board of education committee operates special science programs collaborated with various institutes and companies in Okazaki City.

NIPS Official Character "Noh-kun"  



Sex    :Male

Birthday:1st. May. 2014

Like:Cheer all of NIPS staff 

Dream:Become "walking dictionary"

Hello, I am Noh-kun created as NIPS official character !

The meaning of his name is "Mr. Brain".  He was born to promote the efforts of our research.  He loves to cheer the staff of NIPS,  and talk with everyone about science topics.  He hides himself at various places, for example our pamphlets, posters and homepage.  Let's look for him !