Joint Researches

Joint Researches

The National Institute for Physiological Sciences carries out general collaborative research, planned collaborative research that focuses on the most important theme at the time, and cooperative research using large facilities.

Important Notices and Public Offering Matters

2022年度自然科学研究機構生理学研究所 共同利用研究の公募について(通知)
NOUS-NINS Open Use System
自Natural Science Research Supervisory System for Joint Usage and Research. Click here for web application and application at any time.

NIPS Training Course

The Institute for Physiological Research conducts research with the goal of "comprehensively elucidating the functions of the human body from the molecular and cellular level to brain function. Every summer, the Institute holds a hands-on training course for university and graduate students and young researchers interested in the field of physiology. During the practical training, participants can learn the latest techniques in physiological science. For details and how to apply for participation, please visit the website below. We look forward to receiving applications from enthusiastic and motivated individuals.

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