About NIPS

About Inter-University Research Institute and NINS

kawai2023 National Institutes of Natural Sciences National Astronomical Observatory of Japan National Institute for Fusion Science National Institute for Basic Biology National Institute for Physiological Sciences Institute for Molecular Science As a core research institute in the natural sciences related to space, energy, materials, life, etc., the Institute provides researchers at universities and research institutes across Japan with opportunities for joint use of its state-of-the-art facilities and leading-edge joint research. We have also promoted cutting-edge research in our respective fields of expertise by enhancing the roles and functions of each institute based on the consensus of the research community.

  On the other hand, since the inter-university research institutes were reorganized into four organizations by incorporation in 2004, the national university corporations and inter-university research institute corporations themselves have voluntarily and independently implemented university reforms in the last 18 years in order to strengthen their position as institutes that conduct education and research, and leading to find an appropriate direction between the operation of each research institute, which originally has a different researcher community, and the operation of the organization as a whole has become more important.

  NINS has promoted research in a wide range of academic fields, from astronomy to brain science, and each of the five research institutes, which are constituent institutes, has research communities based on different academic fields. With a view to expanding academics and creating new interdisciplinary fields, development confined within one research institute corporation has been limited, and discussions by the entire inter-university research institute corporation have been indispensable. The 4th medium-term goal period, which begins in FY 2022, is an important period for questioning the future of inter-university research institutes.

  These institutes have provided the basis for developing original research and have played a role in supporting researchers at Japanese universities to continue to produce high-quality research. Their mission has been to flourish with research communities centered on universities.

  NINS has played an important role in leading research communities centered on Japanese universities as a body that supports a wide range of researcher communities from astronomy to brain science. To move toward a future with a sense of pride through technological innovation and social innovation, it is essential to promote the utilization of higher education human resources. As a leading institute for research communities, NINS will contribute to the importance of higher education and activities to promote the penetration of higher education human resources into society through science.

  We look forward to your continued support and cooperation to NINS.