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Special lectures of Physiological Sciences:2008

Subject:「Single Axon Analysis of Cortical Connectivity: looking back (history) and forward (future directions)」
Lecture:KS Rockland (Associate professor of Division of Neural Systematics)
Subject:「The principle of microscopy using nonlinear optics and its application to cellular biology」
Lecture:Associate professor Tomomi Nemoto (Section of Multiphoton Neuroimaging)
Subject:「Operating principle of voltage sensitive domain protein and application based on the principle」
Lecture:Yasuji Okamura (Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Integrative Physiology)
Subject:「Active Ion channels and dynamical aspects of receptors」
Lecture:Professor Yoshihiro Kubo (Division of Biophysics and Neurobiology)
Place:Lecture room on the 5th floor at Myodaiji area
Subject:「Rearrangement of neural circuit during development period and disorder recovery period」
Lecture:Professor Junichi Nabekura (Division of Homeostatic Development)
Subject:「Research on psychiatric disorder based on the analysis of expression form of mouse brain function」
Lecture:Tsuyoshi Miyakawa (A visiting professor of the Section of Behavioral Patterns)
Subject:「Neurobiology of smell」
Lecture:Professor Hideto Kaba (A visiting professor of the Division of Adaptation Development)
Subject:「Biological Physiology of cellular mechanics: Membrane, Channel, Cellular skeleton/adhesion)」
Lecture:Masahiro Sokabe (Visiting professor for the research on metabolism in cells)
Subject:「Computational neuroscience and manipulative brain science」
Lecture:Mitsuo Kawato (Division of Computational Neuroscience)
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