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Special lectures of Physiological Sciences:2009

Subject:「Functions of the basal ganglia and its disorder 」
Lecture:Professor Atsushi Nambu (System of organism)
Subject:「Neocortical columns 」
Lecture:Professor KS Rockland (Formulation of neural cells)
Subject:「Gene expression in neocortical areas 」
Lecture:Tetsuo Yamamori (National Institute for Basic Biology/Formulation of neural cells)
Subject:「Analysis of synaptic regulation by biochemical approach 」
Lecture:Professor Masaki Fukata (Division of Membrane Physiology)
Subject:「Local neuronal networks in visual cortex 」
Lecture:Professor Yumiko Yoshimura (Division of Developmental Neurophysiology)
Subject:「What is scientific truth?
Identity and cooperation in neuronal societies of the hippocampus 」

Lecture:Prof. Peter Somogyi
(MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit, Department of Pharmacology, Oxford University, Oxford UK)
Subject:「Cortical neuron diversity 」
Lecture:Professor Yasuo Kawaguchi (Theory of Cerebral Circuitry)
Subject:「Basal ganglia control of locomotion and muscle tone with respect to the basal ganglia dysfunction 」
Lecture:Associate Professor Kaoru Takakusaki (Center for Multidisciplinary Brain Research)
Subject:「Strategic Plans of Neuroscience Research and Development in Japan and Foreign Countries 」
Lecture:Professor Akira Yoshida (Center for Multidisciplinary Brain Research)
Subject:「Pain and itch perception in humans」
Lecture:Professor Ryusuke Kakigi (Sensori-Motor Integration)
Subject:「Animal-based Research and Biosafety 」
Lecture:Professor Hiroshi Sato (Division of Coordinator for Animal Experimentation)
Subject:「Hypothalamic regulation of food intake and metabolism: From molecule to animal level. 」
Lecture:Professor Yasuhiko Minokoshi (Mechanism of Endocrinology and Metabolism)
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