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Special lectures of Physiological Sciences:2010

Subject:「Dynamic changes of the structure and function of ion channels and receptors」
Lecture:Yoshihiro Kubo (Division of Biophysics and Neurobiology)
Subject:「Remodeling of Neuronal Circuits in Ddevelopment and R recovery」
Lecture:Junichi nabekura (Division of Homeostatic Development)
Subject:「Mathematical modelling of neural dynamics」
Lecture:Kazuyuki Aihara (Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo)
Subject:「molecular thermophysiology」
Lecture:Makoto Tominaga (Division of Cell Signaling)
Subject:「Memory traces in the brain and mechanisms for their long-term stabilization」
Lecture:Ryuichi Shigemoto (Division of Cerebral Structure)
Subject:「Activity of neuron populations: Experiments and simulations」
Lecture:Keiji Imoto (Division of Neural Signaling)
Subject:「to be announced」
Lecture:Masymi Hirabayashi (Section of Mammalian Transgenic)
Subject:「to be announced」
Lecture:Masato Shibuta (Section of Physiology and Medical Education, Kagawa Education Institute of Nutrition)
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