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Special lectures of Physiological Sciences:2011

「Special lectures」 Syllabus

Lecture:Professors in Department of Physiological Sciences or Visiting Professors of NIPS
Place:Yamate Area:Seminar room B of the Yamate 3rd Building, 9th Floor
Myodaiji Area:Main Conference room of the Staff Hall, 2nd Floor
The lectures will be delivered by the remote lecture system.

Subject:「Neural mechanisms involved in the regulation of sleep/wakefulness」
Lecture:Ymanaka Akihiro (Division of Cell Signaling )
Subject:「How many kinds of cells do we have?」
Lecture:Mitsuhiro Setou (Hamamatsu University School of Medicine)
Subject:「Development and function of locomotor circuits in zebrafish」
Lecture:Higashijima Shinichi (Division of Developmental Neurophysiology)
Subject:「Novel techniques to dissect the neural circuit functions」
Lecture:Isa Tadashi (Division of Behavioral Development)
Subject:「Neural circuits underlying information processing in neocortex」
Lecture:Yumiko Yoshimura (Division of Developmental Neurophysiology)
Subject:「Function of glial cells and their disease」
Lecture:Kazuhiro Ikenaka (Division of Neurobiology and Bioinformatics)
Subject:「Cortico-basal ganglia loop and movement disorders」
Lecture:Atusushi Nambu (Division of System Neurophysiology)
Subject:「Regulation of protein localization by palmitoylation」
Lecture:Fukata Masaki (Division of Membrane Physiology)
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