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Section of International Collaborative Research Project


Introduction of the Section of International Collaborative Research Project

In FY2014, the National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS) established the Section of International Collaborative Research Project and welcomed Dr. Ravshan Sabirov, an adjunct professor, to run the section until FY2016. In FY2017, we invited Dr. Denis Le Bihan to join as a new Principal Investigator of the section. He is a leading authority on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and is well-known around the world as an inventor of the revolutionary imaging method called diffusion-weighted imaging. In 2007, Dr. Le Bihan founded NeuroSpin, which belongs to the Life Science Bureau, a basic research division of France's Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA). The institute conducts brain research using MRI at a very high level of technological sophistication and is also leading the development of the world's highest-performance MRI instrument, the Human-oriented 11.7 Tesla Device. NIPS has promoted exchanges with Dr. Le Bihan to advance collaborative research that takes advantage of the strengths of both institutes, with the primary goals of introducing the Human-oriented 7 Tesla Device and applying it to neuroscience research. Accordingly, CEA and NIPS signed a memorandum of understanding on academic research cooperation on January 13, 2017. As part of this collaborative research, Dr. Le Bihan readily agreed to become an adjunct professor of NIPS. His mission is to promote international collaborative research using ultra-high field MRI. We will continue collaborative research with researchers inside and outside NIPS in collaboration with the Division of Cerebral Integration, which is also a part of NIPS. These efforts are expected to make a major contribution to the development of MRI imaging technology and brain science in Japan. Two international projects with Seoul National University (South Korea) and National Health Research Institutes (Taipei) are ongoing together with Division of Cerebral Integration.



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