Outline of Graduate School

Nurturing Future-Scientists in Physiology is one of the Important Missions of NIPS

Department of Physiological Sciences, School of Life Science, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI) is based on NIPS. All the professors, associate professors soukendaigaikei.jpgand assistant professors who belongs NIPS engage in this graduate school education. NIPS is an inter-university research institute which owns the best state-of-the-art facilities, therefore our graduate school program is providing the research and education using these facilities.



Explore the Life Sciences with Variety of Talented People from Multiple Fields

Life Sciences is interdisciplinary research. The graduate school accepts students from different academic background such as physical education, psychology, economics and of course medical background. It is very important mission for NIPS to accept a wide range of students who carry the future of Physiology, and provide young researchers who are educated and trained at NIPS to universities and research institutes all over the world.


It is necessary to enroll in SOKENDAI for taking postgraduate education at NIPS. SOKENDAI (established 1988) is a graduate university with excellent talented people and study environment under close cooperation with  research institutes* including inter-university research institutes which play a central role in promotion of collaborative researches. Students who enrolled in Department of Physiological Sciences is studying at NISP (Myodaiji campus and Yamate campus) located in Okazaki, Aichi. Entrance Ceremony and Graduation Ceremony are held at Hayama campus located in Hayama, Kanagawa where the SOKENDAI headquarter is placed.


* research institutes
National Museum of Ethnology, International Research Center for Japanese Studies, National Museum of Japanese History,  National Institute of Japanese Literature, National Institute for Basic Biology, National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Institute for Molecular Science, National Astronomical Observatory, National Institute for Fusion Science, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, National Institute of Polar Research, National Institute of Informatics, National Institute of Genetics

5-year Doctor Course and 3-year Doctor Course

 NIPS’s graduate school has 2 courses, 5-year Doctor Course and 3-year Doctor Course (Transfer admission after master’s course completion). Both courses are able to award Doctor of Philosophy. Students who have graduated one of the following department; department of medicine (faculty of medicine), department of dentistry (faculty of dentistry), department of veterinary medicine (faculty of agriculture), department of veterinary medicine (faculty of veterinary medicine) and faculty of pharmacy (six-year course), and Students who have Master of Medicine can be granted Doctor of Medicine.


・5-year Doctor Course

5-year Doctor Course is a combined course of a master's course and a doctoral course. Qualifications for this course is completion of a bachelor’s course. Students who complete 5 years course will be awarded a doctor’s degree. It is also possible to award a master’s degree to students who finish 2 years of study in the course, and they can graduate.

・3-year Doctor Course (Transfer admission after master’s course completion)

3-year Doctor Course is a doctoral course. Qualifications for enrolling this course is completion of a master’s course or completion of a 6-year bachelor’s course (such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine) equivalent to a master’s course.

To Study at NIPS Laboratory of Your Choice

Laboratories at NIPS is accepting students. Students who consider studying at NIPS (SOKENDAI), please consult with either professor or associate professor of laboratories which you are interested in before taking the entrance examination.