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The International Priority Graduate Programs (PGP)

1. Profile of the University

1. University Department The Graduate University for Advanced Studies School of Life Science
2. President HASEGAWA, Mariko
3. Address
Shonan Village, Hayama, Miura-gun, Kanagawa, 240-0193, Japan
4. Contact Division : Director for Academic and Student Affairs
Contact person's Name : ITOH, Yoko
e-mail : kokusai@soken.ac.jp
TEL/FAX Number : TEL. +81-46-858-1521 / FAX. +81-46-858-1541
5. Web Address https://www.soken.ac.jp/en/
6. Enrollment
(Graduate School only)
90 (Total) ( MEXT Scholarship Students Within TotalF@45 )

2. Outline of the Course

1. Course Life Sciences Training Program in English for Foreign Students
2. Degree Doctor (5-year)
3. Graduate Course, Department Department of Physiological Sciences,School of Life Science
(Address)38 Nishigonaka, Myodaiji, Okazaki, 444-8585 Aichi Japan
4. Collaboration(Universities, Graduate courses, Departments) School of Life Science / Department of Genetics, Department of Basic Biology
5. Quota 6 (Total) (MEXT Scholarship Students Within Total: 3) (Japanese: 0)
6. Faculty 198 (Full-time: 194; Full-time (other department): 4: Part-time: 0 )
7. Representative of the Course Job Title:Dean of the School of Life Science Professor Name: HIROMI, Yasushi

3. Course Contents

Aim of the Program

This English-language program aims to cultivate leading scientists through collaboration among the following three departments in the School of Life Science:

・The Department of Physiological Sciences
・The Department of Basic Biology
・The Department of Genetics.

To achieve this aim, we will arrange international meetings and seminars abroad. The meetings and seminars will provide us with the opportunity to recruit students of high calibre through interviews and to promote our scientific achievements.
After gaining admission, the students in each of the departments will receive extensive training in English. In addition, exchange programs will be instituted between the different departments through mutual visits and participation in joint seminars on life sciences, thus facilitating interactions between foreign and Japanese students. By admitting foreign students from across the globe, we hope to enhance the international competitiveness of both the students and our university.
Recently, the School of Life Sciences at our graduate university started —for the first time— a 3-year international Ph.D. program in English, and so far, we have admitted 10 students. By making all the courses available in English, we have succeeded in increasing the number of foreign applicants. However, due to the varying backgrounds of our students, it was not easy for even exceptional students to obtain a Ph.D. degree within three years. In addition, in the case of Japanese students, we started a 5-year program in 2003 to promote high-quality research for PhD theses. The current program for foreign students —The International Priority Graduate Program— enables us to provide all the students with a consistent quality of education over a longer term, thus enhancing the efficiency of the program.
Our graduate school has already concluded a number of agreements with universities abroad. In the future, we aim to strengthen cooperation with these universities and conclude agreements with other universities in order to recruit foreign students not only from Asian countries but also from Western countries. This will further diversify our student base. Through such processes, we will actively contribute to international collaboration and sow the seeds for international consortium from a global perspective.

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