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Admission Policy

1.Philosophy of the School of Life Sciences

The School of Life Sciences is making state-of-the-art education and research to contribute to the development of the life sciences by studying physiological sciences, basic biology and genetics and their mechanisms at various levels ranging from molecules to individual animals. Maximally utilizing the research environment of the Inter-University Research Institutes as the foundation, the School of Life Sciences provides flexible graduate education for students with various backgrounds in the aim of fostering of advanced researchers with broad perspectives who will be accepted internationally.

2.The basic policy of the Department of Physiological Sciences

The Department of Physiological Sciences provides education and research guidance to nurture researchers who can pursue function of living organism(and its mechanism from various perspectives from the molecular level, which is a basic unit of the living organism, to the individual level, which is an integrative system of the unit. Through these education and research guidance, the department nurtures excellent researchers who have wide perspectives on the Medicine, Neuroscience and whole range of Life Science, and prescience to open up a new field.

3.Student image required for the Department of Physiological Sciences

Students are required to understand the philosophy of the School of Life Sciences and the basic policy of the Department of Physiological Sciences, and empathize with these philosophy and policy. Students who are suitable for being nurtured as “excellent researchers with wide perspectives along with rich intellectual capacities and sensitivities” are also desired.

4.Basic policy in selecting students

1) We select students who respect the philosophy of the School of Life Sciences of the Graduate University for Advanced Studies and the basic policy of the Department of Physiological Sciences.
2) We are applying diversified methods in selecting students. Not only the applicants’ academic achievement tests are taken into consideration but also other elements such as their personalities, talents, motivations and various potential capacities will be considered.
3) We give comprehensive tests for applicants to check their abilities of understanding, expressing and thinking, and English language skills.

Information for Entrance Examination