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Attention given to overseas students after admission

Our graduate school provides overseas students with all the requirements for them to have an enjoyable stay in Japan:

  • Support: Each foreign student is assigned one Japanese Ph.D. student as an advisor to provide various kinds of support needed for the student's stay in Japan.
  • Interaction: We take measures to ensure that the foreign students do not feel isolated by facilitating interaction through various student activities supported by SOKENDAI such as student seminars (http://www.soken.ac.jp/en/activities/seminars.html), Happy hours held once a month in Yamate area, etc.
  • Accommodation: Supervisors and advisors provide the students with sufficient support for arranging accommodation.
  • Programs & seminars: In addition, we hold summer programs and joint seminars in the field of life science. We encourage foreign students to participate in these programs and establish ties with foreign and Japanese students from other departments.
  • Campus visits: Our graduate school has two campuses, one in Okazaki and another in Mishima. As part of this program, we support joint programs that include mutual student visits to both these campuses.
  • Communication: Students are also encouraged to make use of web-based e-learning and meeting systems to facilitate communication in English. Thus, even after they graduate and return home, they will be able to communicate with each other for collaborative research.
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